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"At B and C GSO Cleaning Service Sustainability is one of our Core Values. We believe that in today's commercial cleaning and janitorial service industry there are vast opportunities to make a positive impact on the environment. "
Paper Recycling
We help you to track and measure your environmental impact through paper recycling. 

When considering the end to end process of converting raw materials into a finished paper product there is the consumption of lots of resources ranging from oil, water, electricity and trees. We track your positive net reduction of these valuable resources through your recycling efforts.
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Plastic Recycling
For our dental, medical and laboratory clients we use a ton of disposable gloves each and everyday. Lets take the opportunity to recycle them!

We work with Terracycle for our closed loop recycling program. Simply place your gloves in the recycling box that we leave at your workplace, we will collect it when full and send it in for recycling. We then calculate the CO2 reduction!
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Daffodil Bulbs
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