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Sustainability in Commercial Cleaning

When entering into the Commercial Cleaning segment of the cleaning industry we set out to challenge ourselves on how we can move towards being a truly sustainable commercial cleaning business here in Greensboro NC. Upon doing a lot of market research we must say we were surprised in all the sustainable cleaning products that exists already today in the market. One cleaning product that really caught our eye was #CleanPacs. CleanPacs is a eco-friendly maker of cleaning products. How it works? Well similar to Propel or Gatorade packs here you take the mixture and add it to water.

We were excited when our free sample kit arrived and we immediately put it to the test and the results were great! The mixture is easy to use and the smell was surprisingly pleasant.

We love that this is a great alternative to box store products and we will begin tracking the number of bottles we avoid buying through use of this closed loop sustainable cleaning solution.

Needless to say #CleanPacs will be added to our repertoire of commercial cleaning products to service our clients here in Greensboro.

Check out CleanPacs site here:

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