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3 Tips for keeping your office safe and clean this fall


1. Touch Point Disinfection (Prevention) - Human contact points such as door knobs, water faucets and refrigerator handles can be breeding grounds and transmission points for viruses such as the flu as well as covid-19. We recommend cleaning these contact points at least once a day using any of these 3 EPA and CDC approved disinfectants.

2. Decontamination - No one wants to hear the words "confirmed case" in the workplace but unfortunately it's bound to happen at some point. When it does it's important to understand that you do have options for decontamination. We recommend finding a commercial or office cleaning service that can come in and perform a decontamination service using List N EPA and CDC approved disinfectants and distributing by way of sprayers including electrostatic sprayers. All surfaces including human touch points should be sprayed and disinfected.

3. Hand Sanitizer and Proper PPE - It goes without saying hand sanitizers are a great way in killing viruses whenever we may have touched a potentially contaminated surface. Be sure to have hand sanitizer on hand at the workplace. Proper PPE or personal protective equipment such as masks can still help in preventing the spread of flu and covid-19 viruses.

Following these steps can help in creating a clean and healthy workplace but also provide peace of mind to employees and clients as we struggle to get back into the workplace.

Have questions on the information above? Feel free to reach out to us!

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